A VOC Case Study:
Evaluating Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction


A large packaging supplier, which sold products internationally to customers in the food and beverage industry, had a number of questions they needed to answer. How loyal were their customers? How did they fare regarding customer retention with their top accounts? What were their strengths and weaknesses as a supplier as well as those of their competitors? How did their customers see them in comparison to the competition? And what could their account management teams do to better serve their customers and remove any gaps between them and the best in class?


Because these interviews were with high-level purchasing, marketing, and operations executives, it was necessary to notify them of the study. Letters were sent out by the client and followed up by requests from the account rep. We conducted over 120 phone interviews in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

In conjunction with customer loyalty, we assessed other measures of customer satisfaction such as innovation, value for the price, quality of the technical support, and quality of the account management team. We compared scores for the client and its competitors.

We provided transcripts of the calls to the client for further review.


We identified and prioritized areas of weaknesses for the client. Customers went well beyond the scoring and actually specified actions the client needed to implement in order to raise their scores and leapfrog the competition. The client put an action improvement plan in place to address the concerns of the individual customer based on our reports and recommendations.

The client now conducts an annual loyalty and customer satisfaction update to mark their progress in implementation of initiatives.

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