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Here is just some of the positive feedback our clients have provided. We're confident you'll feel similarly when you become a client of Strategex.

What Makes Strategex VOC Different?

  • I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of context their interviewers had about our business, and that made all the difference to me. There was good clarification in the responses and dialogue.”
    — President, Financial Services Company
  • They are experts in the field. They are a strong organization, with an effective team, and they deliver quality products. They were very accommodating in terms of the process, speed and depth of analysis.”
    — Director, Research and Development Company
  • The thing Strategex has, as compared to the competition, is that they don’t just dust off their hands and walk away saying, ‘It was a great engagement; see you guys in a couple of years.’ I sense from Strategex their commitment to make our business better. It is a true engagement.”
    — Director of Marketing, Mechanical Maintenance Solutions Company
  • Strategex is much more tailored. We have used McKinsey and other large companies, and you get what they’ve got. Strategex is much more for the specific task which is more appropriate and tailored to our needs.”
    — Vice President of Marketing, National Healthcare Association
  • They are completely open to customizing the study and making my agenda available. Strategex is willing to go after what we want as opposed to saying, ‘This is the way you do it.’ I need a customized approach to this whole thing, and they are willing to do that.”
    — Vice President of Sales, $2 Billion Plastics Company
  • They were very professional. They did a good job providing guidance upfront. They were able to get our customers to talk on the phone for over an hour, which was pretty impressive.”
    — Senior Engineer, $5 Billion Electrical Equipment Company


Strategex VOC Reports Provide Both Insights & Actions

  • The guys did a whiz-bang job on the conclusions. It wasn’t just a data dump, but they said, ‘Here’s a gap. Here’s an opportunity. Here’s a go-forward strategy.”
    — Vice President of Sales, $2 Billion Plastics Company
  • We have a better understanding of our customer’s buying habits which leads to closing more deals. We have taken this research, and we are translating it into usable information to position our sales force as a partner, close deals and make more money. I have a lot of confidence in recommending Strategex because I know they will deliver.”
    — Vice President of Marketing, Monitoring Technology Company
  • It’s a very hands-on report. The content is very relevant and rich, which makes it a good base for actions. For operations, it is an excellent tool for us to guide our priorities and prioritize our actions. We got very good insights on the way customers perceive us. There was a very rich level of customer feedback.”
    — Vice President, $7 Billion Chemical Company
  • I was excited every Wednesday to read those transcripts and hear from our clients and what they thought. There is nothing more important than hearing from your customer base. Until we spoke to our people, we weren’t able to prove or disprove our theories. From our client opinions, where we thought we were weak, we ended up being strong and customers told us we were strong in areas we thought we were weak in.”
    — Vice President of Marketing, Market Intelligence Solutions Company
  • I was shocked at a couple of the negative areas; but that alerted us to a couple of serious problems, and we are dealing with them, so it was really worthwhile.”
    — President, Business Technology Solutions Company
  • I was very impressed with how the interviewers dug down and got the pieces customers were saying. Their conversations and how they talked to the people brought up a lot of good information.”
    — Director of Marketing, Specialty Engineered Products Company


Strategex VOC Changed The Way We Do Business

  • We got a very strong recognition and appreciation from our customer base. The general feedback showed that they appreciated that we cared for them and were willing to listen to them. It was a superb opportunity for opening dialog with customers and getting them to realize the issues. Every time, we had a very positive additional feedback from customers and a very good opening for action.”
    — Vice President, $7 Billion Chemical Company
  • I got something out of it that I can directly apply to run our business better. I’ve worked with other companies before, and a lot of them give you generic information.”
    — Senior Vice President, $24 Billion Chemical Company
  • The VOC process has helped us put customer priorities at the center of our actions. It has helped the team to know what they can tangibly do to improve customer service. Strategex has definitely helped us know our strengths and weaknesses.”
    — Vice President, $7 Billion Chemical Company
  • The presentation was really powerful. Everyone was really captivated by the words of the customer. Most had seldom or never participated in such a study or seen such a tool that was powerful for changing and motivating the team.”
    — Senior Vice President, $24 Billion Chemical Company
  • We have been able to focus on improving our business, which is key to our success. It also spotlights on work remaining to be completed and lets us celebrate our successes.”
    — Executive Vice President, Financial Services Company
  • My people were skeptical getting started and left saying it was just great. We had specific issues with each customer, and we got information that will certainly help us go into negotiations or discussions.”
    — Senior Vice President, $24 Billion Chemical Company


I Recommend Strategex VOC

  • I recommend Strategex because they provide a way to develop an objective tool that motivates our teams to action. They helped us uncover a lot of blank spots.”
    — Vice President, $7 Billion Chemical Company
  • What I like the most is that Strategex offers thoughtful recommendations. They become a partner and confidant. They are very focused on getting the responses and very aggressive in getting to the actions and outcome. The response, both internally and externally, has been very positive.”
    — Global Marketing Director, $8 Billion Chemicals Company
  • I would recommend Strategex because of the richness of the responses we got. Strategex does a good job of getting folks to give more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, which is critical. The quality of the responses really helped us.”
    — Commercial Director, $11 Billion Global Packaging Company
  • Strategex has the process nailed. They are the experts at what they do today. For the money you pay, the results you get are very high quality. Strategex’s ability to adapt to distinct needs is very, very good, especially with such a honed process.”
    — Senior VP Marketing, Global Business Supply Chain Solutions Company
  • As our company has grown and evolved, Strategex has been there with us, providing insights and support on our journey of achieving customer focus and sustainable growth. Strategex has been a reliable and valued business partner.”
    — Vice President, $3 Billion Packaging Corporation
  • Strategex is high on our value scale and reasonable on price. The Bain or McKinsey consultants do a lot of business development, but not a lot of the work. You pay a lot for young MBAs out of college to do the work.”
    — Managing Director, Food and Beverage Plastic Manufacturer

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