Success comes from asking the right questions, the right way, to the right people. Learn how we create success.


Strategex will learn your history, your industry, the challenges you face, and your competitive landscape. The way our interviewers engage the conversation and invite their commentary will impress your customers.


Projects begin with an in-person meeting to discuss project objectives, brainstorm questions, and consider who should be interviewed. During the meeting, Strategex will learn all we can about your company and the specific challenges your business is facing. We will then develop a robust survey instrument and data collection tools for our researchers to use when speaking with your customers.

Timing and Execution

Projects usually require 11 to 14 weeks. After three weeks of planning, the interviewing phase begins. Weekly updates are provided to ensure that the client is up-to-date on the project and that the research is delivering the intended results. If an urgent need exists, we work to accommodate a shorter time frame.

Upon completion, we analyze the results and furnish a detailed report heavy on both interpretation and actionable conclusions.

Delivering Results: Qualitative Results Quantified

Strategex’s Voice of the Customer reports provide full-fleshed, unfiltered interview results backed by salient quantitative analyses. You’ll know everything we heard, along with our summary interpretations — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Actionable Recommendations

Our reports are robust, detailed, and augmented with actionable improvement plans and growth strategies. We will not burden you with pages of statistics and leave you scratching your head. Your questions will be answered.

Each report is as unique as your company and the customers who shared their thoughts. You’ll know what we learned, how we learned it, and who from. And you’ll get actionable recommendations on how to secure customer loyalty, expand your market, improve sales, or increase your profits. Strategex is driven by your ROI.

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