Strategex’s PEGS consulting services are unique.

We devise complete and tailored strategies. Starting from the ground up, we thoroughly analyze your business’s offerings, production and selling methods, customers, and management.

Our strict adherence to in-depth analyses and acting on that data sets us apart from all other growth consultancies. We pass our knowledge and skills on to our clients, enabling them to sustain profit growth on their own.

Let the Data Do the Talking

We believe heavy research and analysis leads to the development of strong, accurate, and effective strategies. We don’t just offer up advice; we reform the way you approach production, selling, and planning. 

Some of the data that we assess includes:

  • List of customers, by revenue, for the most recent full-year period
  • List of products, by revenue, for the most recent full-year period
  • ‘Cross tab’ of customer/product purchases (who bought what) for the same most recent full-year period
  • P&L’s from the three most recent years
  • Balance sheets from the three most recent years
  • Company incentive programs
  • Transaction data on invoices, payables, receivables, etc.

Time-Tested Success

Our seasoned experts aren't theoreticians, lecturers, or workshop leaders. They've had years of real P&L responsibility, with track records of earnings and profitability growth in once-stagnant businesses. We teach clients not only how to enhance the value of their business, but to maintain a continuous growth path on their own. Strategex’s ability to empower management teams with the knowledge and skills to sustain a returns-oriented growth culture is an invaluable advantage that most other firms can’t provide.

Building Strong Partnerships & Providing Invaluable Experiences

Strategex takes pride in the relationships we build with our clients. Our experts will learn everything about your business — where it’s been and where it wants to go. We deploy small, dedicated teams of senior-level principals — often on-site for much of the execution phase of a project — to provide your company with unparalleled attention.

Our one-on-one coaching helps clients understand and fully embrace the methodology and solutions that lead to success, allowing the client to own the transformation process. This is key to the long-term success of Strategex’s recommendations.

Committed Clients, Great Outcomes 

We’re committed to our clients. Dedication, partnership, and cooperation are core values at Strategex and are key to achieving successful outcomes. We believe it’s critical for our clients to be equally committed to improvement through partnership.

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