Our work doesn’t end with a report.

 Strategex experts will immediately help you turn results and strategy into action. We will work directly with your management team to prioritize and tackle improvements head-on using the insights we’ve collected.

We’ll guide you through pitfalls and traps, help you set a realistic timeline for improvement, and get you on the right track to success and customer satisfaction. Over the course of two to four months we will:

  • Review findings with middle managers, engaging them on improvement opportunities
  • Conduct “Improving Customer Service” workshops with employees
  • Facilitate meetings to address issues and decide what needs to be communicated to your company and your customers
  • Help you prepare for customer meetings with talking point materials
  • Audit progress throughout the entire process

Using VOC As a Continuous Improvement Tool

The VOC process can be implemented as an ongoing improvement initiative — a potent tool for your future business growth. Customer feedback is gathered; insights are uncovered; then steps are taken to improve relations. Months later, the process repeats with the intent to further improve scores and, in turn, drive sales growth and profitability with your top accounts.

If you follow this proven formula, you’ll quickly recognize the power of VOC as a key tool to improving customer relations and, consequently, growing your business.

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